Modern Software Solutions for Law Enforcement and First Responder Communities

Communicating, Sharing, Teaching

Transform the way you do business through advanced capabilities, solutions, and products that flex and scale to meet every need.



blueLEO provides easy to use, accessible, and secure web-based applications to support Law Enforcement communities. Leveraging advanced cloud-based technologies, blueLEO tools support essential communication and information management operations for law enforcement and public safety organizations to help build safe and resilient communities.


Work closer with other agencies. Keep your partners informed with blueLEO’s powerful email and text-based messaging system. Exchange important information between your organization, partners, and community members with ease. Our messaging solution places you in control, allowing for virtually unlimited customization of your message distribution.

Customer Management

Make managing, tracking, and updating customer information easy. Our Customer Management capability ensures your data is in one place and accessible anytime. Every organization has simple, direct access to real-time client data to support the mission.

Information Management

Tailored web-based Suspicious Activity Report forms for anonymous reporting by the public or liaison partners. Efficiently control SAR information through our intuitive SAR Management system and disseminate reports on suspicious activity to your partners and community stakeholders.

Events and Training

Develop custom training calendars for your organization. Create and manage single or recurring events, distribute event fliers, send email reminders, track participant attendance, and manage roles/access with the click of a button.


As part of our commitment to excellent, we believe security is a primary design component. Every service we offer is designed, built, and continuously maintained to ensure our products meet or exceed modern information security best practices.


TLS, Encryption at Rest, and Database encryption ensures your data is secure from theft or illegitimate access.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Ensure the authenticity of your users with additional verification through their cell phone or email.

Cloud Security

Secure datacenters protect your data, providing robust content delivery and data recovery for enhanced business continuity.

Data Expiration

Make sure only required data is available. Control scheduling for the deletion of outdated information and files.


Exceeds WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 web accessibility standards. Available to everyone regardless of ability.

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